"A Day in the Life" at Aces K-9 Care



Daycare starts at 7am Monday-Friday, and 8am on Saturday and Sundays, or 2pm if you are doing an afternoon half day. We do ask for 24 hour notice (before 6pm the previous day) for booking your furry friend in for daycare, as we do fill up and this avoids being turned away at the door!  When your dog comes in for daycare, they go directly out to group play until around 10:30-11am (unless your dog is still intact, and must be rotated with other intact dogs in which the group play time is split in half). There is always an employee  in the group supervising the dogs. We have a lot of balls and toys in the field, so please let us know if your dog is ball/toy possessive, or a serious chewer. From 11am-2pm, the dogs that were out all morning playing come inside for a break in their own individual suites. During this time, we are able to exercise 'loner' dogs (dogs who don't do well in group play), do small group play for dogs with specific needs, catch up on cleaning and finish other kennel duties. At 2pm, the daycare dogs head back outside for playtime until pickup (anytime between 2-6pm). Depending on the amount of dogs we have in a day, and what dogs need to be rotated in group, the times outlined above are subject to change. We limit group play to about 20 dogs. 



When your furry friend comes in for boarding at Ace's K-9 Care, they are set up with all of their belongings in their booked suite, and assigned to a group that they will fit best in for outside play time. The groups are decided based on personality, who does well together, size and what dogs are intact. Boarding dogs go out first thing in the morning at 7am Monday-Friday, and 8am on Saturdays and Sundays. The dogs go outside with their assigned groups for playtime out in one of our three fields. The dogs are outside three times during the day; between 7-11am, 2-6pm, and again at bedtime between 7-9pm for an evening bathroom break. We clean all of the suites first thing every morning when the dogs are out for group play. Everyone gets fed breakfast when they come inside after group play in the mornings, and they get dinner between 5-6pm in the evenings. 


Meet & Greet

If you haven't been with us before, it is a good idea to come up for a meet and greet first! This way you and your furry friend can get a look/sniff around, ask any questions you may have and see if Ace's K-9 Care is the right fit for you and your pup. We ask that you please book an appointment for a meet and greet 24 hours in advance, so we can plan our day accordingly. When you come up for a meet and greet, we will get you to fill out the Ace's K-9 Contract and Questionnaire which takes 10-15 minutes. The Contract allows us to change your dogs boarding, take them to the vet in the case of an emergency, and make any other required changes to your dogs boarding keep your dog and other dogs safe. You will also be able to view our contract at anytime through your account in our booking system. The questionnaire is to get to know your dog a little bit before they come to stay with us. It is important for us to know all of your pets quirks! We will also take you for a tour around the facility to show you the different style/size of suites, what the outdoor play areas look like, what the indoor play areas look like, etc. This is also a great time to ask any questions you may have about the facility!